TBU-IP Studio TBU / Telephone hybrid for VoIP and SIP phone systems and PBXs

AudioTX TBU-IP Applications Guide...

Wherever you need a high quality digital telephone interface

  • Studio Quality Dual telephone hybrid / TBU (Telebalance unit) for IP based phone systems (and/or VoIP trunks).
  • For use in Radio & TV studios, control rooms and on-air areas.
  • Ideal for phone-in and talks shows with the general public, reporters and experts as callers.
  • Allows use of all PBX/phone system facilities for call management and screening, monitoring, routing, conferencing, associated caller data management etc prior to simply transferring a call to one of TBU-IP's two TBU modules.
  • For news and sports production areas and interview workstations.
  • Suitable for remote studios, Outside Broadcast vehicles etc (special 12v DC version available as a cost option).
  • For home workstations and home studios for journalists and producers.
  • Suitable for use with IP PBXs from any manufacturer (with SIP extension capability).
  • Or use a single unit as as 2 SIP phones for direct connection to IP trunks.


  • High quality telephone balance unit gives separate audio in and outputs (4 wire) from IP based telephony connection.
  • Useful for connecting callers to speakers or PA systems.
  • Can be used to interface telephone callers to intercom/announcement systems.
  • Can be used for quick and easy audio interconnection between locations over the phone.
  • Allows telephone participants to listen to and contribute to meetings and conferences.
  • Perfect for use on dealing floors in the financial services industry and in security/surveillance applications.

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