TBU-IP Studio TBU / Telephone hybrid for VoIP and SIP phone systems and PBXs

Studio Telephone hybrid for VoIP and SIP telephone systems

Dual VoIP SIP TBU integrates with any IP PABX or phone system

Professional grade Telephone Audio for Broadcast & Pro-Audio use

AudioTX Products - digital SIP IP telephone hybrid TBU for VoIP phone PBX
AudioTX TBU-IP is the world's first professional grade VoIP Studio TBU (tele-balance unit), designed to get your callers on-air in the highest possible quality. A perfect match for today's IP based PBX's, each of the two TBU modules in this dual unit simply act as separate SIP extensions on your telephone system.
AudioTX TBU-IP Telephone Balance / Hybrid for IP telephony, SIP / VoIP, asterisk, digital TBU

Call quality is significantly better than with analog (POTS) TBU units as calls are carried digitally right through to the studio.

TBU-IP is a 1RU rackmount unit housing a dual-TBU (2 lines) and has professional balanced analogue line-level inputs and outputs and AES digital connections on XLR connectors and a GPIO port providing control/signalling integration with existing studio equipment and systems.

Setting up AudioTX TBU-IP for use with your phone system is a simple one-off process as each of the digital hybrids behave as standard SIP phone extensions. Once this is done, calls are normally answered or dialled using a normal telephone extension and can then be transferred to one of the TBU modules to give you clean, crystal clear sounding professional audio between the caller and your studio.

All of the additional functionality of your PABX can be integrated with your studio TBU - including call conferencing, ring groups, operator consoles and on-screen call handling software from any manufacturer.

Even without a phone system, TBU-IP can act as 2 independent, standalone SIP telephones that connect directly with any SIP trunk provider.

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